According to the National Floor Safety Institute, more than 3 million food service employees and over a million guests are injured annually due to slip and fall accidents in restaurants.
Larger, popular restaurants, with a lot of guests all the time, have foods and beverages constantly being served. Any dropped tray of food, or any spilled drink is a potential hazard for the guests as well as the staff. Restaurant kitchens are even more dangerous, and in peak hours, it is just not possible for the staff to watch every step while walking.

It is then the responsibility of the restaurant owners to ensure that the restaurant floors are safe to walk, for guests and staff alike. Along with wounds, injuries, pain, and medical bills, slip and fall accidents bring various legal implications, especially when it comes to commercial establishments. The safety of the guests becomes a natural responsibility of the property owner, who is held responsible of any and every accident occurring on the property premises. As a victim, the guests can file a personal injury claim and you might end up paying medical bills as compensation.
The best way to avoid these mishaps is therefore, a permanent solution - SURE STEP.

SURE STEP, by Interlake Chemicals. SURE STEP safety floor treatment is a one-time chemical treatment that makes floors non-slip. The science behind this is - SURE STEP creates a sophisticated tread design into the surface of floor, and increases the co-efficient of friction of the floor, making it non-slip. There is no change in the appearance of the floor, and absolutely no waiting time - the floor is ready for use immediately after the treatment.

SURE STEP is a proven, effective method of getting rid of slip and falls. SURE STEP has been installed in restaurants and hotels all over, including Boston Pizza, Mc Donalds, and even the Hyatt Hotels. Make your restaurant floors slip-safe - Get the SURE STEP treatment by Interlake Chemicals.

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